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OccupyEducated.org is already seeing lots of hits and comments and shares of new ideas and books. Quick answers to a few quick questions:

Why no authors of color on the Primer List?
• No reason whatsoever. We wanted to put the content of the books as the highest priority over any other factor, including factors such as the “color”, religion, gender, culture, socio-economic status, etc. of the author.  Many authors of all creeds will be included in the future, surely; that is up to you.  Hopefully is will still no be because of the color of their skin, but the content of their writings.

Do you endorse every word, perspective and idea of the media you recommend?
• No.

Where is the forum?
• Coming

Where is this and that?
• Coming

While we’re working on the site, We’re still trying to figure out on-the-ground stuff… where to have meetings, where the NYC movement will go from there, huge demonstrations tomorrow…

This state of the site is a result of having to throw this together so quickly — as an emergency response to the raid in NYC. OccupyEducated.org will get fancier soon enough, including a new film starring this old guy, saying why we’re doing this, and how important your participation is to educating yourself, and the movement.

…for all the suggestions for essential readings. Many, many fine books, many of which were debated and almost included in the Primer List, and many of which will soon be compiled onto lists to come.

Keep spreading and absorbing the knowledge, and occupy educated!

Know Any Great Books, Films, Videos, or Resources You Think Should Be Promoted?

Please post them in The Recommended Books & Films section of The Discussion Forums.

We are currently cataloging all recommendations posted in The Discussion Forums and in a few weeks we will present them all on the site so The Public can vote on, discuss, sort, and view by topic to easily find the highest ranked educational resources available! We will also be synthesizing these resources and working with various authors to create definitive, original, free educational material in the form of Articles, Videos, and Online Classes. See you in The Forums!

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  1. Jim says:

    I would also put the following books high on the list:

    “The Bridge at the Edge of the World ……”, by Gus Speth

    “Plan B 4.0: …….”, by Les Brown

    “Limits to Growth: 30-Year Update”, by Meadows, et al.

    “The Long Emergency: …..”, by Jim Kunstler, and/or “The Party’s Over: ….”, by R. Heinberg

    “The Web of Debt: ….”, by Ellen Brown

    “What Every Environmentalist Needs to Know About Capitalism: ….”, by Magdoff & Foster

  2. so_treu says:

    if it’s colorblind, then why is everyone on this list the same damn color?

  3. Danielle says:

    Your reason for not having authors of color sounds like the same tired reasons for not including people of color in anything. It could also be viewed as you saying that people of color haven’t contributed writing of value on the same level of the authors mentioned. Which simply isn’t true. Keep alienating and turning away certain people to ease the minds of others. With typical white liberal apologist language. Nice one.

  4. Marissa F. says:

    You all do realize that by claiming this is “color-blind you are:
    1. Willfully ignoring that it cannot be an accident that PoC are not recognized- there are plenty of POC writers who have contributed greatly to the body of knowledge around political oppression (this should be obvious…). It shows COMPLETELY the erasure of the voices of PoC because the majority who conceded with this list don’t value or maybe even read writing by PoC. The refusal of OWS to acknowledge the importance of the struggles POC face every day and have for years (i.e. all the years of this country) is really disheartening, alienating and hypocritical
    2. Color-blind racism: all white people really should look it up. You are continuing it by claiming that it just HAPPENS that none of the writers you find important are POC.
    3. Also, with the statement “While the messenger must always be considered, the message/information trumps priority of the writer’s personal background.” implies that the message of combatting racism and the experience/effect of racism, which many many many important POC writers address is not an important message to you.
    I hope these points are actually considered and that Occupy becomes more aware of the prevalent white privilege in the movement. Not to play oppression olympics, but POC are way more oppressed than the Occupy movement is acknowledging and have been their whole lives. If this movement is at all about equality and rights, then instead of reasserting the previously enjoyed privileges of many participants, it should be about educating yourself and working as an ally to more severe and prevalent oppression.

  5. Jha says:

    I has a recommendation of a full library available online for free for everyone who would like primers on how ya’ll got to where ya’ll at right now:


    And nobody even needs to spend money they don’t have!

  6. Grey says:

    Black is a Country, by Nikhil Pal Singh, should be both on the primer list and in your thoughts as you claim to be “colorblind”, itself an exceedingly arrogant claim the fundamental racism of which is deconstructed in the first part of this book. Thank you.

  7. Lee says:

    Perhaps a list of authors of color and diversity would be better than ranting criticisms? Pro-active good. Critical for critical’s sake bad. Go build a great list of appropriate authors, so we can read/watch/learn this perspective. Help him/them build this resource for the 99%.

  8. Enrico says:

    Wow! Thank you this is a great source of information.
    And many thanks again!

    • admin says:

      thanks for the encouragement, Enrico! Please enjoy and share the site and/or video with ur friends and enemies :)

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