Meetups and Book Clubs

A revolution can start by staring at words on a page, but eventually, you need to connect in the real world.

Occupy Educated now has meetups in your area, to discuss books on Primer Reading List or other media that get to the heart of the systemic problems we face.  Here’s how it works.

Go to the Primer Reading List and get to know the books, or go to our Books Forum to read others’ suggestions, or list one yourself and start a global discussion.  Encourage your friends to come to the site and do the same, and you could have a real impact on getting the word out.

Real-life Meetups
Once you’re ready to share or discuss these books with people in your local community and/or Occupy movement, join our new #OccupyEducated Meetup Group, and find a local gathering, or start your own.  We offer a meeting structure guide to start you off, and soon hope to be able to offer more, including videos of authors who have a special message for your Occupy gathering.  We may even be able to get some authors for in-person appearances!

But we need a critical mass first to build demand for such a thing, so please get to it!