Are Occupy ‘Crashings’ A Good Strategy?

Is standing up, interrupting, and getting kicked out of a meeting a good direction for Occupy?  It’s the new trend and has been showing up at conventions, meetings, and fundraisers worldwide. One form of such crashings, known as mic checking, makes use of the #OWS People’s Mic technique. The most inspiring early example, perhaps, was the mic checking of the NYC Department of Education board meeting done by Occupy Wall Street in October:


Earlier examples of this strategy were implemented several years ago by Medea Benjamin and Code Pink to interrupt congressional hearings and the Republican National Convention:

What do you think? Is this a good way for marginalized voices to be heard? Do drastic times call for drastic action to get messages out, or is this just unproductive?

A few more examples of crashings and mic checks around the nation:

Occupy ‘Messenger’ Interrupts Congressional Deficit Super Committee Hearing

99%ers Mic Check Newt Gingrich At Harvard

Occupiers Crash Chamber Of Commerce Holiday Party With Human Red Carpet

JP Morgan Mic Checked At Princeton

Can Occupy Continue Beyond Occupation?

Occupying The Sidewalk

Occupy The Streets or The Stream?

Sami Grover, frequent sustainability blogger on, wrote an article arguing Occupy tactics should far beyond just physical occupationof public spaces.

Certainly it seems unlikely that the movement would have grown with such ferocity had it not quickly and successfully created a physical presence in cities around the world. But as the weeks turn into months, many communities are asking how long the protests will continue, and what happens next. In Bristol, for example, protesters are planning a public meeting to discuss their tactics, and appear to be willing to move on from their city center camp ground if an alternative space can be found. Meanwhile talks between Occupy LA and the mayor’s office seem to have broken down, despite early signs that the city might offer cheap office space and a community garden in exchange for protesters dismantling their tents.

OccupyEducated seeks to help bring the physical occupations to reach the virtual world everyone shares — facebook, twitter, forums — and then use their new, shared knowledge to spark real-world action.

Where do you see occupy going from here – physically or virtually — as of today?

Westcoast Port Blockade Monday Dec 12!

Woah! Remember when we said that it was time to move this from Zuccotti Park and out to the world? Looks like the Westcoast Port Blockade is taking this to heart!

At first they may seem scary to people — to shut down goods that keep our economy running — but it does more than that; it gets the conversation going.

Why block a port? What are they blocking? Cheap “goods” made by slave labor, to replace American working class labor? Made of plastic, a non-renewable resource, designed to break just as soon as they want to sell us a new one? Or are they just freedom haters?

What do you think? Is this temporary inconvenience worth the message? Or not?

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