WATCH: Interactive Interview w/ Author Richard Heinberg: Are We At The End Of Growth?

UPDATE 1/31/2012: We think it went pretty well… despite the interviewer’s audio being a little over modulated; Richard Heinberg sounds great, though!

Please check out the recording below, and comment below or in our forums…

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Then watch it on this page you’re reading now, or use/share this link for the Live Q&A if the embed is broken:

On Monday, January 30th, 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific, Richard Heinberg, author of “The Party’s Over”, “Peak Everything” and “The End of Growth”, the last of which is featured on our Essential Reading List, will be discussing what it means to be living in a growth-based economy on a finite planet.  If it is not sustainable to grow forever, then what sort of demands should Occupy be making of the system?  Do we need fixes, or a complete rethinking of our economy?  Do we search for economic justice now, or prepare for an entirely new game?

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