Thanks for the Donations to #OccupyEducated!… and Why We’re Grateful!

Those of us who have a deeper understanding of the flaws in our system contribute what we have, in order to awaken the rest of the population.

Sometimes that means we can get out on the streets and educate first hand, but when that opportunity falls short, due to the need to pay the bills, it’s fantastic that those with less time can make their voice heard in the form of supporting those that speak for them. The fact that you effectively say we are sharing your voice is a big boost to our enthusiasm.

All right, yeah, so it’s a been over a month since our last blog.  But we have a excuses we hope you will find satisfactory.

#1. #OccupyEducated is not really about what wehave to say, it’s about these great authors and filmmakers who can provide a deeper understanding of our systems, and the flaws therein.

#2. It’s about you, too — sharing and contributing your knowledge.

#3. We’re working on our next big steps.

#4. As of now, there’s more active participation on Facebook and Twitter, so we’re keeping it real by focusing our messaging on those platforms.

Just know that your donations help us pay for site stuff (domain payments, upgrades, etc.) and keep us eating, so we can continue getting your knowledge out there.

So, thanks again, especially to Leon, Frederick (Fred?), Jason, Donna, Leslie, Ali, Susan, Tom, Peng, Patricia (Tricia?) Joachim and all the privates — must be George Soros funding our “fancy socialist propaganda website”, right? :)


THANK YOU – Launch News

When we set out to create OccupyEducated on the night of the #OWS eviction, we weren’t sure where this little idea would go. And now that we’ve all put in a few 72-hour days (literally) we’re really excited to see such an overwhelming response of support and appreciation from people everywhere, on the first official day alone!

There is so much more to come, including possible work with Paperback Swap (h/t to Mr. Badger), free downloads of books, approved author interviews and in-person appearances, an OccupyEducated road-show/town hall tour, and more. Check back on the site for more info, and keep suggesting more ideas on the forum.

For now, enjoy these highlights, and accept our great thanks for educating and getting educated.



  • This made my day, + gives me hope 4 this broken world!
  • Some great book recommendations rolling in for @OccupyEducated. Keep em coming! @treehugger
  • @OccupyEducated Our minds are our most potent weapons when our liberty is under attack. Get educated. Stay Smart. Be Safe. #thewaronoccupy
  • @OccupyEducated I’m thrilled that people are using their creativity to give us things like “300 years of fossil fuels.”
  • @occupyeducated Great idea, needed now more than ever. Education is the key. Solidarity from Ireland
  • @OccupyEducated you are fighting the good fight! Fighting ignorance is fighting slavery
  • I appreciate what you’re doing. Your site will help my daughter educate her friends and teachers. :)


    • “Great to know that rational thought is flourishing!” – Tod
    • “We cant agree more that this is a new pressing issue that the US has to deal with, thank you for” – Chris
    • “Love what you do.” – Nicole
    • “This site is exactly on-message for me. I feel that America’s current problems stem largely from [a] lack of knowledge about relevant topics. Thanks for your time, and for your efforts. They are greatly appreciated.” – Julie
    • “Thanks for what you’re doing.” – Charlie