Volunteering / Careers

It’s our goal to Educate & Unite 100% Of The 99%, and that’s a big job!

We need your help! Yes, you!

Without your help, none of this is going to be possible.


Right now we especially need…

  • Web Developers: Front End, Back End, Database
  • Programmers: App Developers, Software Engineers
  • Designers: Artists, Graphic Designers
  • Filmmakers & Animators: Video Producers, Animators, Editors
  • Technology Experts: Communications Technology, Systems Technology
  • Writers & Researchers: Article Writing, Fact Checking, Article Tabulation
  • Site Helpers: Forum Moderators, Site Maintenance

This is a valuable opportunity to use your skills to have a vital, direct impact and help change the world!

You Can Also Provide Valuable Contributions By:

Paid Positions

There are currently no full-time paid positions available with OccupyEducated, but that may be changing in the near future, if we can garner enough donations, etc.


Please use our online contact form, and tell us what you’d like to do!