Call for Top 5 Occupy Essentials Lists and What We’ll Do

Like the Occupy movement itself, is all about People being heard. Making sure everyone has a voice is fundamental to getting the education we need, so that we may build our path on the same solid foundation.

That’s why, in addition to the first Top Primer Books list we’ve constructed, we ask you for your book nominations for new “Essentials” lists.

Current Requests
Top 5 Economic Crisis Books

For each new list/topic request, we will gather recommendations from the forums into a poll, and you will pick the the Top 5. Then, OccupyEducated will work to encourage the following:


• Donate those books to libraries in your area
• Offer free downloadable versions or detailed summaries
• Offer discounts for buying at local books stores or online


• Chat live on via interactive video chats
• Hold seminars on the book


• Create or attend book clubs and Meetups
• Discuss the books online, at Occupys and within their social circles
• Act on their new knowledge

As you can see, this is rather ambitious. We can easily do it together, but the lowercase “we” (the handful of people currently working on the site) can’t do it alone. Thus, we need your help! Here’s how.

1. We need

  • web developers
  • video streamers (everywhere)
  • organizers
  • social media addicts
  • writers
  • people with better connections to the publishing industry than we have

2. If you can’t volunteer, please DONATE, so we can at least put food on the full-time volunteers’ tables, preferably organic and locally grown ;)  All donations go directly to supporting the OccupyEducated Project and the initiative to make vital information universally available in the most convenient, diverse, and effective formats.

Thanks, and Occupy educated!