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When looking for the 2 pistol gun safe, it cannot be easy to know which one is right. We have created this blog post with some questions on finding the best one so that you don't regret your purchase. 

Our editorial team works hard to provide accurate, reliable, credible, engaging, and balanced information for our readers. 

And here, we can have some other factors that we can have in our mind when selecting the 2 pistol gun safe from these exceptional brands: Sentrysafe, Wincent, Rpnb, Hornady, Stealth, Bbrkin, Snapsafe, Rnf safe.

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  • For optimal performance, SentrySafe recommends the use of four high-quality, name branded, alkaline AA batteries with an expiration date of 8-10 years from the current year. Generic and rechargeable batteries often do not have the lifespan needed to support long term usage
  • Capacity: 0.115 cubic_feet
  • Exterior: 16.4 in. W x 9.8 in. D. x 3.2 in. H; Interior 14 in. W x 6.5 in. D x 2.2 in. H; weighs 16 pounds; four AA batteries required (not included)
  • For Guns and Valuables – This Hornady safe fits 2 guns - 1911 pistols, or 4-inch revolvers. It also fits valuables including your passport, cash, jewelry, and medications. The interior light makes locating valuables a breeze at night
  • Easy, No Tool Install – Our handgun vaults feature pre-drilled bolt holes for permanent installation. Constructed of 16-gauge heavy-duty steel with pry resistant door design to stop unauthorized access. California DOJ approved
  • Hornady Keypad Vault – Keep guns and valuables close at hand and out of the wrong hands! Provides plenty of storage in a compact, small vault safe that fits on a nightstand, desk, shelf or in your car
  • SILENT MODE & INTERIOR LIGHT: Optional Silent Mode for Stealth Entry and White Interior Light Illuminates the Inside Once Opened
  • THICK STEEL CONSTRUCTION: 12 Gauge Steel Body, 14 Gauge Steel Door, High Strength Locking Latch, 4 Bolt Down Holes for Secure Mounting with New Protective Cover over Change Combination Button and Free Security Cable
  • QUICK ACCESS: Shock Assisted Pop-Up Door Provides Immediate Access to your Handgun when you Need it Most! New Advanced Security Features Include No Exposed Holes, Protective Cover over Biometric Scanner Button and Free Security Cable!
  • 【Backlit Keypad and SILENT MODE】 In low light situations so you can locate your pistol safe with the backlit keypad quickly. You can also set the silent mode. It is important function when you have introducer at night or you want to use the safe without distubing others.
  • 【TOUGH AND RUGGED steel construction】 The heavy-duty handgun safe is made of reinforced solid steel wall construction. Built-in hinges and a new internal safety bracket for the maximum prevention against break-ins. Durable powder coating finish preventing corrosion avoid being destroyed and ensure long-term protection of your belongings for years to come. Moutec gun safe pistol safe keeps you and your family away from firearms and protecting your belongings all the time.
  • 【QUICK ACCESS Gun Safe for Pistols】 QUICK ACCESS to your gun safe and valuables, documents, and firearm(s) from the automatic opening door. Get in quick when it matters most using the rapid backlit keypad, spare keys.
  • For Guns and Valuables – Designed with 2 compartments with removable interior shelf. Store 2 guns, 1 gun plus valuables or just valuables, for example your passport, cash and medications
  • Easy, No Tool Install – Features 4 pre-drilled bolt holes for permanent installation. Constructed of 16-gauge heavy-duty steel. Pry resistant door design to stop unauthorized access
  • Sizing and Specifications – This two pistol gun safe measures 12.7 (H) x 9 (W) x 8.8 (D) inches. Weighs 151.1 lbs. Lined interior protects valuables
  • Ideal for Travel – The metal gun case provides handgun storage and security for concealed carry permit holders. Approved as a firearms safety device by the California Department of Justice and meets TSA airline firearm guidelines
  • Security, Everywhere You Want It – Store and protect your handguns, passports, sensitive documents, heirlooms, media cards, ammo and other valuable items in this durable and portable gun safe / lock box by SnapSafe. Includes 2 Keyed-Alike Lockboxes
  • Heavy Duty and Sturdy – SnapSafe Lock Boxes feature heavy duty 16 gauge housing and include a 1500 lb. rated cable for securing to stationary objects at home or in your vehicle. Available in 3 sizes - Large, XL and XXL
  • Tough & Large Capacity - Our handgun safe uses special steel and has anti-corrosion function to improve durability and provide ultimate protection. The gun safety cover is also tamper-proof and is powered by 4*AA batteries. Also, RNF SAFE gun safe can accommodate three pistols of standard sizes and multiple ammo or other objects. There has a soft foam pad inside to prevent your treasures from scratches. Dimensions ( inches) : 14.2" x 10.8" x 3.3".
  • Portable & Three-way Access - With a portable design, The RNF SAFE gun safe can be placed safely in a drawer, cabinet, suitcase, car, or any location you want. The RNF SAFE biometric gun safe for pistols has three direction to operate: fingerprint, password, and key lock.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - We are committed to satisfying our customers with high quality products and excellent customer service. We provide 1 year warranty and if there is any problem with the gun safe in 30 days, please contact us directly for a free replacement or full refund.
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Guide to Choose The 2 pistol gun safe

Before acquiring any goods, buyers need to think about several important qualities. You may be confused because there are so many 2 pistol gun safes accessible on the market right now. So we've done an extensive study to determine which things you should be worried about while purchasing.

However, some queries you may have regarding a product include: 


The most standard handgun safe is a lockbox with a trick. These are affordable as well as convenient, especially for individuals that are typically on the move. They're also very easy to hide in a storage room, cabinet, or under a child seat.

On the drawback, accessibility is comparatively sluggish, and also their mobility can be a downside. They might not be very easy to burglarize swiftly, yet they could be eliminated for a more purposeful assault. Because of this, numerous manufacturers include a locking steel wire for securing the safe to a fixed things.

Firearm Presentation

This deserves thinking about. More affordable handgun safes are merely a safe and secure box that can be used for other valuables. To enable faster gain access to, several of these have covers that are spring-loaded, others have gas struts. Multi-gun safes usually allow you to port your weapons in, one together with the other. There are also rapid-access versions (usually for a solitary gun) that turn open or slide out, offering your weapon to you in the prepared setting.


Joints and doors are exactly fitted so there's no other way to obtain a lever or various other efficient bar right into the housing. Several handgun risk-free doors auto-lock on closure so you don't need to bear in mind to do it.


Some handgun safes use radio-frequency identification (RFID) in the form of a keyring, pad, or perhaps a little glue sticker that you can connect to nearly anything. There's no need to bear in mind a code. Gain access to is quick: the RFID chip is a distance sensor, so it doesn't have to be in contact the risk-free to open it. Only someone with a tag can open the safe.


More advanced hand gun safes supply keypad accessibility. Even a basic four-digit keypad has 10,000 possible mixes, so it's virtually difficult for any person to presume the code or hit it randomly. Although a lot of just need a four-digit code, some offer eight tricks, upping the possible mixes to 100,000,000. Keypads might be backlit to aid use in low-light conditions.


This differs significantly from holding a single handgun to saving as numerous as eight. With the range of pistol dimensions readily available, it's crucial to check the safe's internal measurements to ensure your own will certainly fit. Some are specifically developed to take an extra clip, with others you'll require to inspect if there's space for additional ammo. Some safes likewise have detachable interior racks.


This is typically offered to avoid damages to the weapon and/or hold it in the proper placement. The density can be significant, so it's usually detachable if you desire additional room.


All but one of the most basic hand gun safes need batteries of some kind. Commonly these are non-rechargeable alkaline. Much better models make use of long-life lithium-ion versions that can be charged in-situ through USB wire.


Steel thickness differs from 16 scale (the thinnest) to 12 gauge, which is actually the thickest practical on cases of this dimension.


One of the most sophisticated handgun safes are biometric models: they scan finger prints right into a memory chip. These provide one-touch gain access to and absolute security-- no one else has your finger print. The memory ability permits a couple of or loads of individuals to have gain access to. You make a decision.

A number of these safes have smartphone applications, so you have individual logs, signals if meddling happens, or the ability to open them through WiFi, for instance.

On the drawback, inexpensive biometric handgun safes have actually been criticized for irregular acknowledgment. It may take greater than one attempt, therefore negating the rapid accessibility they're planned to supply.

In today's data communication technology environment, 2 pistol gun safe is one of the most important news providers accessible on the web, owing to the expansion of commerce websites, internet chat communities, customer ratings, and conversations.

Let's look at the most important aspects below.

The product's brand should be one of the initial considerations

How famous is the reputation of the product? The product's brand might claim its quality in the eyes of consumers. Users may definitely trust their goods as the 2 pistol gun safe with old and well-known companies such as Sentrysafe, Wincent, Rpnb, Hornady, Stealth, Bbrkin, Snapsafe, Rnf safe.

Meanwhile, some newcomers in the 2 pistol gun safe business, including Sentrysafe, Wincent, Rpnb, Hornady, Stealth, Bbrkin, Snapsafe, Rnf safe, develop and enhance their product's quality in order to compete with old ones.

After the reputation, the price of the goods is the next item you should be aware of

How much money are you willing to put into this product? Is this item value your payment? Clients should set a budget for the 2 pistol gun safe they want to purchase. Which product has the best performance and reliability for your needs with this amount of money? As a result, the pricing is critical to consider before making a final selection.

The following is the product's materials and performance

Buyers pay great attention to the material while judging the potency of an item. You'll feel like you're just feeling it, even if you're not!

The substance you choose has an impact on the final specific product. If you cannot accommodate the highest standards 2 pistol gun safe, you must guarantee that the 2 pistol gun safe you buy is applicable.

Another consideration is the product's rating and evaluation by consumers

When confronted with a huge number of options, it is necessary to assess them from a broader viewpoint. Buyers should compare products based on their rankings first and foremost. Consider yourself to be the most excellent listener during your buying experience.

Once a final decision has been made, a thorough assessment of customer feedback is required. Then, list the most important features of the product.

Finally, there is the duration of usage

Clients that place a premium on durability will be drawn to products with a high level of durability. A solid warranty can also help you save money on servicing in the long run.


To summarize, here are the best brands which produced the 2 pistol gun safe: Sentrysafe, Wincent, Rpnb, Hornady, Stealth, Bbrkin, Snapsafe, Rnf safe. 2 pistol gun safe will be updated as new information becomes available. We look forward to greeting our websites frequently so that we can stay up to date on the latest changes.



1. Is A Handgun Safe A Legal Requirement?

Presently, just Massachusetts requires all guns in the house to be kept in a secured safe. The golden state, Connecticut, the Area of Columbia, as well as New york city have partial restrictions in some scenarios. Our point of view is that it's not truly concerning the regulation; it's about providing the most effective security for you and also your family. Handgun safes boost security and avoid mishaps.

2. Are Handgun Safes Waterproof Or Fireproof?

Not the handgun-specific type we're taking a look at right here. There are safes that are water resistant and fire-resistant, as well as you can put your guns in them, but they are bigger, general-purpose freestanding or wall-mounted versions. The ones we have actually reviewed in this write-up might give fire or water protection for a brief period, however it's virtually difficult to create an adequate water seal on a small door that requires to be opened regularly, especially a mobile thing. In regards to fire security, the case may resist fire damage for some substantial time, but it can not soak up or disperse the warm, so items within will certainly be harmed by that rather than by naked fire.

3. Can I Carry A Handgun Safe On A Commercial Flight?

We checked the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rules, and yes, you can, however it has to remain in checked baggage, not a carry-on. It must be unloaded (consisting of removal of chambered rounds), though in many cases ammunition can be carried in the same box.

You require to declare it when you check in, and you might be questioned, so you can expect some hold-up. We would certainly recommend you describe the TSA website for existing information prior to you fly. Remember that these regulations just relate to US residential flights. Various other countries have their own regulations, so you'll need to contact the proper authorities. You need a permit from your destination before you travel; however, these are hardly ever issued to participants of the public.

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