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Best Electric Mantel Fireplaces - See November 2023’s Top Rated Pick

We use experts to evaluate and curate noteworthy products to find out the Best electric mantel fireplaces for you. They help us factor in important buyer concerns like durability, budget-friendliness, and ease of use to find out and recommend a list of the Top Best electric mantel fireplaces with popular brands below: Cloud mountain, Lghm, R.w.flame, Goflame, Tangkula, Dimplex, Costway, Linsy home, Twin star home. All the models shown here have good reviews, do their job and are worth their price.

Tracy Kidder By, Tracy Kidder
  • Efficient heating & Low Noise: The freestanding electric fireplace with mantel boasts 1400W heating power and 5000 BTU heat output, which can quickly and effectively warms up 400 sq.ft. space. Low noise operation won’t disturb your work. With compact size and elegant appearance, this mantel fireplace with top storage will be an ideal device for homes, lofts, apartments.
  • 3D Flame with 3-Level Brightness: The electric fireplace features 3D realistic flame effect and 3-level adjustable flame brightness: L1, L2, L3, which creates a charming fireside environment without the mess and smoke of a real fire. It is worth mentioning that the flame effect can be operated with or without heat.
  • Dual Control for Easy Use: The electric fireplace stove comes with touch panel and remote control, so that all the functions of the fireplace heater can be adjusted easily. You can power on/off, control flame brightness, set timer or adjust temperature. (Note: Effective Control Distance: 26ft; Battery for Remote Control: 2*AAA Batteries (Not Included))
  • TV Stand with Large Storage Space: Made of premium MDF, this TV stand ensures strong durability and sturdiness. What's more, featuring an open storage design with 6 shelves and spacious tabletop, this 70" fireplace mantel provides ample space for your TV, video and audio components along with your books and decorations.
  • 5-Level Brightness & 3 Flame Colors: Through transparent tempered glass, you can see lifelike flames and burning logs, which will bring your home a cozy and romantic atmosphere. In addition, there are 5 brightness levels, 4 colors and 5 speeds of the flame for you to choose. And the heat function can be operated with or without.
  • Convenient & Safe to Operate: The electric fireplace has overheating protection and won't produce any harmful gas or dust, which is safe and healthy to use. A timer can be set from 1 to 8 hours to turn off the fireplace automatically. Besides, the touch screen and remote control allow you to operate the fireplace conveniently.
  • REMOTE CONTROL INCLUDED: The included remote control offers you easy heat and flame control from virtually anywhere in the room; feel free to operate this unit with or without heat and enjoy the ambiance of a wood-burning fireplace year round
  • PERFECT TRADITIONAL SIZE: The Featherston measures 16"D x 61”W x 44”H and will look great on virtually any wall and with any home décor
  • DIMPLEX FLAME TECHNOLOGY: Enjoy the visual pleasure of a natural wood-burning fire without any of the mess; The 28” firebox uses patented inner-glow logs and luminous embers to create an incredibly realistic flame effect with red & blue ember lighting options
  • 🔥 [Elegant & Stylish Mantel] The wood-like countertop and elegant appearance make the fireplace mantel an appealing eye-catcher in your living space. Moreover, the wide countertop and open shelf provide perfect places to store your daily items like plants, decorations and books.
  • 🔥 [Realistic Flame Effect] The electric fireplace features vivid 3D dancing flame which adds a piece of elegance to your living space and creates a soothing and clean environment for you to relax. Plus, 3-level flame brightness allows you freely adjust the flame to satisfy multiple demands.
  • 🔥 [Efficient Heating Device] The fireplace also possesses a premium heating device with 1400W heating, 5000 BTU heat output and 400 Sq.Ft heating area. The high-efficiency heating will quickly drive away your coldness in winter.
  • Practical & Elegant Home Decor: Made of premium material, this mantel fireplace ensures excellent durability and sturdiness. What’s more, exquisite craftsmanship and stylish appearance make it fit well with any home decor, and you are able to place it in the living room, bedroom and more.
  • Multifunctional Fireplace Mantel: The combination of a storage cabinet with an electric fireplace makes this mantel fireplace turn into a multifunctional indoor centerpiece. In addition, the spacious tabletop and open shelf provides ample space for your books, storage boxes, decorations, etc.
  • Fast & Efficient Heating: This 1400W powerful electric fireplace with 4650 BTU heat output can heat up space up to 323 square feet quickly, bringing warmth to cold weather. What’s more, the flame effect is turned on with the heating function and cannot be turned off alone.
  • Safe & Convenient Remote Control - Support both remote control and panel control. Temperature adjustable from 64℉ to 82℉, support 4 levels of brightness and 1-8 hours timer setting. It's overheat protection system automatically shuts down the heater to ensure user safety when temperatures reach critical levels.
  • Dimensions - LINSY HOME fireplace with mantel is 44.21''D*15.67''W*35.51''H, the LED electric fireplace is 5‘’D*24''W*20.2''H. Max weight capacity is 160lbs in total.
  • 24" Realistic LED Electric Fireplace- 120 voltage, 60 Hz frequency, 1400 Watts, 4776BTU. This electric fireplace radiates the lifelike, flickering warmth of a real fire without fuel or gas, achieving a smoke-free warming environment. The heater can heat up to 400 square feet.
  • Electric fireplace insert provides supplemental zone heating for up to 400 sq. ft. to help you save money and can be operated with or without heat, for the ambiance of a gentle rolling fire all year long
  • Long lasting, energy saving LED technology
  • Choose between contemporary fire crystals media or a realistic log set and ember bed (both options included)
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What is the shopping guidance for Best electric mantel fireplaces?

Purchasing the Best electric mantel fireplaces may be counter-intuitive at moments since there is so much to analyze, and you may become buried in the specifics. Therefore, we hope that the instructions below will give you the knowledge to make your own decision.


You want to make sure that the fireplaces you choose match your taste and the rest of the decor in your home. From the appearance of the frame to the type of materials used inside, there are numerous factors to take into consideration when selecting the perfect electric fire place for your home.

Ease Of Use

The beauty of electric fires is how easy they are. There’s no wood gathering or matches to light. Instead, it‘s instant heat and ambience with the flick of a switch. Some are easier to use than other, and some are significantly simpler to install than other. Before choosing an electric fireplace for your house, make sure you take into consideration both factors.

Heating Power

If you know the size of your living/dining/kitchen area, you can figure out how many BTUs your electric fireplace needs to provide adequate heating for your entire house.


Some types of fireplace inserts are designed to fit inside existing gas log sets, while others require a special adapter for installation. When purchasing a new insert, make sure it will work with your current logs. You may also consider installing a decorative screen around the unit to hide unsightly pipes and wiring. Safety note: Never touch live power lines. They could shock you!

Unit Size

You should measure the area you plan to place the electric fire before purchasing one. Electric fireplaces can vary in size depending on the manufacturer, so check out the dimensions of the unit you're interested in. Most manufacturers offer models ranging from 30 inches wide to 60 inches wide, and they come in heights between 24 inches high to 48 inches high. Most electric fireplaces also include a remote control, and some models feature both a remote control and thermostat.

Heat Control

An advantage of electric fire­places is their ability to adjust the temperature and level of heat they produce. Electric fire­place models vary from one another by offering different levels of heating power.


One of the best things about having an electric fire place is that there’ll be no worries about dozed off in front of its flames. Even though this already reduces the risk of fire compared to traditional fireplaces, some models have timers that shut off the heat after a set amount of time.

Convection Vs. Radiant Heat

Heaters can be categorized into two main groups: convection and radiant (infrared). Convection fire places push heated gases through a chimney and distribute them evenly around the space. In contrast, radiant heaters emit infrared radiation, which penetrates deep into walls and floors, providing warmth without raising the temperature of surrounding areas. Both convection and radiant fire places work best in rooms where the temperature is already high, such as living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. They are ineffective in cold spaces because they cannot transfer enough heat to raise the temperature of those areas.

Flame Settings

Electric fire place controls include things like flicker speed, which range from slow to fast, and the brightness of the flames, ranging from low to high. Some electric fire places even offer both options.

Freestanding Vs. Wall Mounted Vs. Insert

An electric heater is a great option if you're living somewhere where you'd rather not burn any actual logs. Electric heaters come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so they can easily blend in with just about any décor. They're typically mucher than traditional gas or wood stoves, too. Just keep in mind that they do require electricity, so you may need to find an electrical source near your home before installing one.

Fireplaces are an excellent choice for warming rooms during cold months. Whether you choose a freestanding or a mounted one, they add charm and style to any home. A freestanding unit allows you to take it out of the house whenever you wish, while a mounted one stays put within the walls. They come in various shapes and sizes, so you'll find something that suits your needs. Electric fireplaces are great because they provide heat without consuming fuel.


To summarize, the Best electric mantel fireplaces is one of the most commonly competitive keywords on search engine websites. This suggests that a lot of others have a similar concentration as you. We outlined the selection method for the Best electric mantel fireplaces and a shortlist of reputable brands: Cloud mountain, Lghm, R.w.flame, Goflame, Tangkula, Dimplex, Costway, Linsy home, Twin star home. And we look forward to receiving all of the information you require when shopping.

Still, the decision is yours, and we welcome your comments and product recommendations at any time. Please share your ideas in the discussion forum, and we will get to operate on them.


1. How Do Electric Fireplaces Work?

Most electric fire places operate by drawing in cool outside ambient temperature (usually between 55°F and 65°F) and then heat it up using an internal heater. They don't actually burn any fuel but instead use electricity to simulate the appearance of burning logs inside.

2. How Much Heat Do Electric Fireplaces Give Off?

The average electric fireplace produces about 4,500 to 5,200 BTU of energy per hour. One such device with a forced air blower can warm up to 400 square foot of space. Infrared models can typically warm up to 1,000 square foot of space. However, Crouch notes that electric fire places shouldn't be confused with a traditional furnace or pellete stove. These devices produce far more energy and are designed to warm large areas.

3. How Do You Install An Electric Fireplace?

Most portable and freestyle units don’t call for any setup; all you ought to do is connect them to an electrical socket. A wall-mounted device can either be mounted or set up against a wall. Mounting the device is simpler, yet setting up the device calls for some basic carpentry abilities, like cutting and patchwork. Mantel fireplaces normally call for some assembling; most models are attached to the wall with screws and construction glue.

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